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Guest Room Management System

Revolutionize guest experiences with our Guest Room Management System (GRMS) solutions. Our turnkey packages feature smart controls for lighting, temperature, and more, ensuring energy efficiency and high-level security. Customizable designs seamlessly blend with brand aesthetics, offering an exceptional guest experience. Integrating advanced motion sensors and building management controls, our solutions empower hotel staff for efficient resource management and optimal in-room experiences.

  • We offer turnkey solutions for Guest Room Management System (GRMS) that include some important features like: occupancy sensors, access control, guest control interfaces, AC/HVAC, courtesy, bedside console, integration with smart phones, PMS/BMS, programmable lighting, dimming, curtain control, music volume, temperature control and other control functions through advanced touch panel interfaces for better guest experience management.
  • For hospitality sector, we have customised solutions in order to save energy, to give more comfort and to provide high-level security in rooms. We have optimal design and interface layout with which the brand look-n-feel can be easily incorporated into our products. Moreover, our intelligent systems are designed based on interactive technology that complements the exceptional experience you want for your guests.
  • The different ranges of switches and varying layers of control inside hotel rooms depend on the budget and requirements.
  • Our solutions make hotel staff capable to competently administer guest room energy utilisation and ensure success in providing optimal in-room experience.
  • We can easily integrate advanced GRMS products with building management controls to ensure better resource management.
  • We also have advanced motion sensors integrated into the glass panels for most efficient guest presence detection.

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