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Closed-circuit Television (CCTV)

Rapid Telecom excels in CCTV security solutions—design, installation, and maintenance. Our systems, featuring top brands like Bosch and HIK Vision, provide effective deterrence against theft. Ensure peace of mind with remote monitoring and swift response to intruders. We optimize security for businesses, big and small, offering in-store analytics on floor traffic for enhanced management.

  • Rapid Telecom have extensive experience in designing and installation of different CCTV security surveillance solutions.
  • We carefully assess our clients’ requirements and then design, install and maintain cost-effective security systems that exceed expectations
  • Vigilance systems provide a sense of security to the property owners as they allow people to keep a watch over the property from remote location.
  • The latest cameras allow you to set up an intruder alarm, making it easier to take action and call authorities in case of a burglary attempt.
  • We have successfully implemented CCTV systems for large and small enterprises from brands Bosch, CPplus, Dahua, HIK Vision, Samsung, etc.
  • The sight of CCTV cameras is effective in discouraging thieves and burglars as they are the perfect deterrents
  • Further more these systems can now manage location capacity and share in store analytics on floor traffic

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