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Almoayyed Tower ,Office 1202 , Seef District ,Kingdom of Bahrain

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+973 6969 1111
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Jerwin Fruta

Senior Field Technician

Mr. Fruta serves the Kingdom as a technical field professional in his current role. His experience boasts a solid ten-year background as a telecommunications technician, he is fervently committed to continuous learning and hold a deep-seated passion for his profession. When not immersed in his work, he indulges in hobbies such as absorbing the depths of books and immersing himself in documentaries and real-life narratives. The allure of nature compels Mr. Fruta to partake in trekking adventures, and he revels in the exploration of diverse gastronomic experiences, each reflecting a unique cultural essence. A guiding principle that resonates with in him, as he believes that “life's minor detours should be fully embraced,” for it is in these moments that one discovers the truly significant elements beyond their desires. Mr. Fruta is the essence of Rapid and carries the name of, “Rockstar.”

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