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Almoayyed Tower ,Office 1202 , Seef District ,Kingdom of Bahrain

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+973 6969 1111
+973 6969 1112

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Faisal Mohammad

Cyber Security Engineer

Underneath the sleek suit, a digital ninja lurks. Meet Faisal, Rapid Telecom's cybersecurity guardian. With a B.Sc. in Network Engineering and an arsenal of certifications (GSEC, GCIH, GFACT, CCNA), he weaves through the digital landscape with silent precision, donning the digital armor, ready to defend your kingdom from cyber-attacks. But don't let the calm demeanor fool you - his mind races with strategic foresight, anticipating threats before they even appear. When networks get tangled and security cries for help, Faisal's analytical skills and cool head shine brighter than a diamond.

He thrives in a team, his infectious enthusiasm fueling the fight against digital darkness. He's the go-to guy, the shield that protects, the sword that defends, and the beacon guiding Rapid Telecom towards a brighter, safer digital future. Remember, even ninjas under suits have a wicked sense of humor - and Faisal's is his secret weapon against even the most cunning cyber threats. Mr. Faisal is the essence of Rapid and carries the name of, “Shield 7.”

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